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What is WIOA?


WIOA is a federally funded program administered by the Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board, designed to increase access to, and opportunities for employment, education, training and support services needed to succeed in the job market. Services are offered throughout Milwaukee County at two (2) comprehensive Career Opportunity Centers. (See listing on following page.) WIOA provides a wide variety of career services.


What does WIOA offer?


WIOA offers the following career services (among others) to job seekers based on appropriateness, needs of the individual, and consultation with WIOA staff. All services are provided at no charge.


CAREER Services may be available at the Career Opportunity Centers or may be provided at other locations. Basic Career services are accessible to all job seekers and are self-directed or involve limited staff assistance. These include:


Basic Career Services


  • Job search assistance, job referrals, and career counseling

  • Job vacancy listings

  • Information on local occupations in demand and the earnings and skill requirements for them

  • Job seeking skill workshops

  • Resource room usage

  • Assistance in establishing eligibility for non-WIOA training and educational programs



Individualized career services are available to job seekers based upon their individual needs and experience and require staff assistance. These include:


Individualized Career Services


  • Comprehensive and specialized assessment

  • Development of individual employment plans

  • Individual and/or group counseling

  • Career Planning

  • English as a Second Language 

  •  AODA treatment


  • Basic skills/GED

  • Mentoring, tutoring

  • Basic computer skills

  • Driver education

  • Financial literacy services

  • Mental health treatment



Training Services are available based upon the individual’s assessment, needs, skills and that are linked to jobs in demand or with a high potential for growth. These services may include:



  • Short term training for a specific occupation

  • Upgrading your skills or retraining

  • Training while working on the job

  • Training for work with a specific employer or group of employers




Who is eligible for the Adult Program?


  • Milwaukee County residents, 20½ years or older;

  • Income limitations – 300% of Federal Poverty Level (only income received in the six months prior to application is counted);

  • U.S. citizens, or noncitizens who are authorized to work in the U.S;

  • Meet Military Selective Service registration requirements – males only (a waiver may be requested for those who did not register).

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