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It is Our Job to Help You

About Train Employ


Train Employ offers a track record of success with combined experience from industry experts.  Train Employ is headquartered in Milwaukee County, WI, however, we have the ability to train anywhere.  We have instructors physically located throughout the USA and offer online courses available 24 x 7.  Classes combine formal structured on the job learning from skilled professionals with related classroom instruction.


Our focus involves a comprehensive development program, local mentoring, and the processes that can help students pass financial services exams to become certified.  Completion of the Train Employ training program will provide students the opportunity to transition into paid employee positions with our partner companies.  This pre-apprenticeship training leads not only to a paid career, but these certifications are a requirement to be considered for the Financial Services Apprenticeship.

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Why choose our training?

Your early success matters!  We deliver, first in the country, the Financial Services Professional Apprenticeship Program.  We also understand one size does not fit all, so we offer each class on it's own for those who don't need the entire program.

Why become a business partner?

Our Financial Services industry is at a crossroads.  We need to adapt to changing demographics to find our way.  Train Employ offers a track record of success with combined experience from industry experts.  We will customize our training to your needs including using your own instructors for part or all of the curriculum.

Combining Training with Jobs

Beginning  the perfect career starts with choosing the right type of training and broker dealer partner for you.  We match industry leaders with the right candidates.  

Awesome!  Looking forward to making a difference as a Financial Advisor.


I received the support and training needed to pass all of my exams.   I am excited about my new career.


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