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Life, Accident and Health


The purpose of this class is to test your knowledge of the general insurance concepts, insurance policies, provisions, and major tax considerations. You are also required to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of State-specific laws and regulations regarding your role as a producer, as well as federal regulations that pertain to insurance transactions and dealings with the public.

  • Insurance Basics

  • Completing Application, Underwriting, & Policy Delivery

  • Types of Policies

  • Life Insurance Riders

  • Provisions, Options, & Exclusions

  • Taxes, Retirement, Other Concepts

  • Life Insurance Law

  • Health Insurance Law

  1. Principal of Health Insurance

  2. Types of Health Insurance Policies

  3. Policy Provisions, Clauses, & Riders

  4. Social Insurance Govt. Health Plans

  5. Health Insurance Underwriting Procedures

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