JWFP Certification Education 


What is a JWFP or (Journey Worker Financial Professional)?

Training skilled Financial Services Professionals is a pressing need of the finance industry.  Nationally, job openings are projected to increase up to nine percent by 2026.  Currently, many companies train employees through a variety of informal, non-standardized methods.

The JWFP Financial Services Professional Apprenticeship was developed by Train Employ to redefine training in our industry.  The program combines formal, structured on-the-job learning from your skilled professionals with related classroom instruction. 

The U.S. Department of Labor has officially registered this program, the “Financial Services Professional” and certifies graduates as “Journey Worker.”

Train Employ's JWFP offers you:

  • Nationally recognized Journey Worker Certificate

  • Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship

  • Accredited University Curriculum

  • Knowledge Based Related Instruction

Who should obtain a JWFP?


The JWFP  is for any financial professional working with or who wants to work with Union members or Technology and Manufacturing company employees.  Through our cutting-edge program and expert faculty instruction, you can set yourself up to pass the JWFP exam while furthering your education and opening new doors for personal and professional growth.

In addition to the U.S. Department of Labor officially registering this program as Herzing University has accredited the sales training to receive credit at university. 


Herzing University said  “This is a well-designed program that provides organized content to students through a facilitated, face-to-face program".  "....Later in the program students interact in structured coaching sessions.  Learning objectives are met by content provided and comprehensively assessed." 

JWFP Training Program:

TERM OF JWFP APPRENTICESHIP: The term of apprenticeship shall be Hybrid, which has been established to be  12 months of not less than 2,144 hours. . In addition to the specified hours, the apprentice must successfully attain the  competencies described in these program provisions. Hours of labor shall be the same as established for other skilled  employees in the profession.

WORK PROCESS SCHEDULE: In order to obtain well-rounded training and thereby qualify as a skilled worker  in the profession, the apprentice shall have experience and training in the following areas and shall demonstrate  competency, as specified herein. This instruction and experience shall include the following operations but not  necessarily in the sequence given. Time spent on specific operations need not be continuous.


Prospect for business.
A. Create ideal client profile.
B. Identify target markets.
C. Create a marketing plan.
D. Create language scripts.
E. Execute marketing plan.
F. Set client appointment.
G. Monitor marketing plan.

Convert prospects to clients.
A. Engage client.
B. Conduct fact finding.
C. Build risk strategy.
D. Build securities strategy.
E. Build benefits strategy.
F. Present risk recommendations.
G. Present securities recommendations.
H. Present benefits recommendations.
I. Revise recommendations based on client feedback.
J. Complete the application process.
K. Record client history after each interaction.

Manage client relationships.
A. Forecast open and closed clients.
B. Initiate routine client service needs.
C. Respond to client services needs.

Maintain ongoing professional development.
A. Identify industry trends and best practices.
B. Attend specific training.
C. Maintain licensing requirements.

Maintain compliance documentation.
A. Submit compliance report and trade blotters.
B. Maintain checks and security logs.
C. Maintain gift and entertainment logs.
D. Maintain advertising log.
E. Maintain marketing log.
F. Maintain correspondence log.

General employment related competencies:
i. Client Service Orientation
ii. Structure: Order & Quality
iii. Teamwork
iv.. Achievement Orientation
v. Conceptual Thinking